Introduction to Birthing Your Divine Baby with Love using the Hypnobirthing Techniques

Welcome, Divine Lady,

To The Sacred Awakening of the Divine Feminine in womanhood, pregnancy and childbirth, founded by leading birth empowerment expert, trauma transformational worker and women's wealth advocate, Susanne Grant. She created this safe and sacred space for you to rise into divine greatness, as you learn to deeply fall in love with yourself, your body and your baby.

We will be igniting your inner birthing goddess power, as we clear out any limiting beliefs, fears and negative people around you to release any guilt or shame around owning your voice and create the environment which will help you achieve the birth experience you desire.

It's time to own step into your greatness to bring a deeper connection to our lives, our families and the world.

Learning to speak up, owning your voice, through knowledge and love instead of fear, requires commitment as you learn to transform who you thought you had to be, to become who you want to be!

So you can FULLY ENJOY your pregnancy, birth and motherhood without being a stressed and triggered all the time, feeling fearful and fueled by anxiety trying to cope and survive.

It is time to start thriving rather than surviving!

This workshop is your step into owning your true sacred power as the amazing women I know you are.

So you can share your inner wisdom and deep inner-knowing with your family and this world without having to apologise for who you are.

But first, let's start with the hypnobirthing introduction video below. Additionally, please download the manual and the Birthing Goddess MP3. Please listen to the MP3 twice a day to raise your energetic vibration. You can find these in the next lessons.

Let's begin! With Love, Susanne

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently on pregnancy leave so I will not be able to provide digital support. I will be back in October 2018 and will answer all your questions again!